Welcome to Six-Inch Heals, a chronicle of my adventures as I heal my way through Azeroth. Yes indeed, another healer’s blog.

I’ve played WoW for a little more than five years now. I spent most of that time as a rogue, but in a fit of altoholism, fueled by a healer shortage on my server, I rolled a priest: the quintessential healer. The lower levels were so painful that I abandoned Sindie at level 24, but when I did eventually pick her up again, I really fell in love. Sin’s main spec was Holy, with a Shadow off-spec for leveling. Healing was stressful at first — people died if I made a mistake! — but I loved it so much that my alt quickly became my main. Eventually, I decided to give the wildly popular Discipline spec a try, and I found the shiny bubbles quite addictive. Sindie is now Disc/Shadow, because I got tired of how slowly dailies went when I was Disc/Holy… but I could see dropping Shadow for Holy sometime again in the future. I really enjoy both types of healing.

In fact, I’ve become so very fond of healing, I recently decided to level a shaman, just to give another kind of healing a try. In her early 40s, Ginger is dual-specced Resto/Elemental. The new LFG tool from Blizz is a godsend for leveling by healing instances, but I still want to be able to quest efficiently. I like the shaman style quite a bit, and needless to say, she’s nowhere nearly as squishy as Sin was coming up through the ranks.

I think I avoided trying out healing for a long time because I thought it was too stereotypical for women to play healers. But really, who cares? I love healing. And my old main? The poor gal now hangs out in Storm Peaks, mostly in Naxx 25 gear, farming herbs and mixing up her alchemical concoctions for Sindie’s benefit. She seldom runs instances and she never, ever gets to raid.

As for why I decided to start a blog, I thought it would be fun to get back to writing (which I used to do a bit of, even professionally), and I thought that WoW would make a great topic. After all, I spend some unmentionable number of hours a week playing it, so why not write about it? I look forward to telling you all about Sindie’s and Ginger’s adventures healing, raiding, pugging, and leveling through Azeroth.