I co-lead a cozy little 10-man raid team. Our guild is one of the largest WoW guilds, so there are plenty of raid teams. None fit my schedule and needs, however, so I threw caution to the winds and started my own team.

It’s a great group: friendly and relaxed, but generally good at what we do. We’re a bit behind the curve, but that’s OK with us. We’re there to have fun and see the content.  We clear ToC regularly and have cleared Ulduar through Mimiron. At this point, everyone is geared for ICC, but we want to finish Ulduar first.

Tuesday night was a perfect example of why I love raiding. The group was really on the ball. We had a couple of folks who were new to the team, but they listened to instructions and worked together. We one-shot everything in ToC (even Faction Champs!), with plenty of time left to head over to Ulduar to take down Mimiron on our saved raid ID. It was a pleasure to have such a smooth night of raiding.

Tomorrow night, we’ll have our first go against General Vezax. Wish us luck!