After a semi-hiatus from WoW for the past few weeks, I’ve finally had time to pick up Gin again for leveling. Major surgery for the Hubby and a guest from out-of-town have kept me busy, so while I’ve managed to get on every day for Sindei’s two frost emblems, I haven’t had any time to level Ginnger. I did find some time this weekend to run her through a couple of levels (yay, rested bonus!) and dinged 46 last night.

She’s settled in Feralas for the time being. I forgot how much I like Feralas: it’s lush and green and there’s weather, and hippogryphs, and sprite darters, and lots and lots of quests. And I love leveling the shammy. It’s the only class I’d never even rolled until now. I wanted to level another healing class to try something different, even though I do love my priest. I have a level 42 druid, but the other main healer in my raid is a druid, so I thought something different would be good. I have a level 22 paladin, but I didn’t enjoy the class too much. That left a shaman, and the idea just hit me right. So I rolled a toon, sent her a bunch of heirlooms, and off we went.

I’m leveling Elemental, so my gear can double for Resto. I know people say Enhancement is faster, but I’ve found I don’t care much for melee anymore. I prefer to stand back from the action, where I can better see what the heck is going on. I dual specced at 40, though I could have waited until 60.

The shaman is certainly easier to level than the priest was. For one thing, Gin’s not nearly as squishy as Sindei was, and she can kill things reasonably fast. The heirloom experience bonus is fantastic, of course. Sindei had the shoulders, but Blizz didn’t give us the heirloom chest until Sindei was around 70. The levels really fly by on Ginnger with both. I enjoy the spells and the totems. The LB, LB, LB rotation isn’t the most exciting, but I shake things up with some frost or flame shocks. I’ve even been doing some AOE grinding… I drop mana spring and magma totems and just chain lightning and fire nova them all down, healing myself in between. It’s not the most mana-efficient way to do it, but it is fun.

Life remains a bit hectic right now, but things are settling down enough that I think I can get the show back on the road. Hitting 50 by next weekend seems like a reasonable goal.