So I did get Ginnger to level 50 over the weekend, though I had to stay up into the wee hours Sunday night / Monday morning to do it. My husband is still at home recuperating from major surgery, so my usual play times are all askew… WoW interruptus, if you will.

For the last couple of levels I’ve been questing in Tanaris, partly because I’m also leveling my leather working and I need to farm Scorpid Scales for my Dragonscale Leatherworking quest.

I did pick up several PuGs last night to make 50. First I healed BRD, and the group was fine until the dps warrior rolled Need (and won) on the mail boots clearly meant for me! I asked, “A warrior needs spellpower and int?” To which he responded, “I like to sell them,” and promptly dropped group. These were BOP boots, of course, so he swiped my shoes so he could vendor them. What a tool!

Whatever… the next random was a repeat of BRD, so I got my boots at the end of that run. Then I dps’d for an awesome Sunken Temple run with two other shamans. (I’m really happier healing, but you can’t hog up all the fun, I guess.) Yes, there was also a tank and another dps, but that’s not important. What matters here is how shaman-tastic the ST run was. I dinged 50 right at the end of that run.

The trainer had lots of new spell ranks for me, of course, and Call of the Spirits, which lets me have a third set of totems to set down at once. So I  can now have three pre-picked sets to choose from on my totem bar, which is nice. But of course at 50, the juicy stuff is your 41-point talent: Earth Shield (for Resto) and Totem of Wrath (for Elemental). Woot!

My plan is to stay in Tanaris long enough to get those Scorpid Scales farmed. I want to get over to Un’Goro as well, since it’s right next door and I’d like to get started on my Venomhide Ravasaur quest. Besides, I like Un’Goro Crater: there’s a whole lotta quests so you can level up fast. And you know, I like the green areas with lots of vegetation and creatures to skin.

I know the Western Plaguelands are supposed to be a great place to level in the early 50s, but I don’t care for the Plaguelands much, so I may skip it. I’ll probably head over to Felwood instead, then up to Winterspring for the last couple of levels before Outland. If I can get a couple levels out of Winterspring, that is; I recall that there aren’t quite as many quests there as I would like.