What if you were given the chance to start over completely in World of Warcraft? What if you lost your account, and Blizzard offered you the level 80 of your choice (or, if you love leveling, you may start at level 1). Would you stay with your current class? Race? Faction? And what would you do with this brand-new toon? PvE? PvP? Troll trade chat in Dalaran?

If Blizz suddenly offered me a brand-new level 80 for some reason — because my account was lost or hacked or Chris Metzen just decided I was the hotness — I do believe I would just keep my priest. I know I actually haven’t written a lot about my priest here yet, but I really love playing her. She has two — count ’em, TWO — healing trees to choose from. In fact, I recently dropped my Shadow spec and went back to Holy as my second spec. I wanted some more options for healing and there are some things to love about a Holy spec (i.e., Circle of Healing, a kick-ass Renew, Body & Soul). I’ve been running five-mans as Holy to keep fresh on playing it, because I think Disc is still my stronger raiding spec for most fights.

I probably wouldn’t change race, because I really like the trolls. They’re tall and interesting and the females can stand up straight and Berserking is really quite awesome. So no, I can’t say I would pick a new race. Certainly I wouldn’t change my faction. For the Horde, baby! And if I’m taking my priest back, I definitely want her at 80 already.

All that said, I do love to try out new classes. I’ve rolled every class in the game at this point, at least to give them a try. And I have, in fact, started over several times.

My first real main was my hunter. I loved having a pet to help me solo anything. My bear, Treadwell, was my faithful companion, keeping mobs off me while I killed them. It was easy mode.

I started fooling around with a rogue alt soon after Burning Crusade came along. I loved getting the jump on my enemies, stealthing up behind the unsuspecting and picking their pockets before swiftly slaughtering them. I could sneak around mobs I didn’t feel like fighting. I stealthed my way through the pet quests in Blackrock Mountain, and snuck past enemies to get my Elder achievement at the lunar festival. My other toons had to fight their way through, but not Marsha. She just slipped past. It was this character I took up to level 80 and discovered raiding with.  The hunter remains on an abandoned server, stuck at 66, probably forever.

I had some other alts: a warlock and a warrior and a druid… but none were as much fun as my rogue. I started a priest, but it was brutal. I died all the time. Leveling was taking forever because I was always on a corpse run. I dumped her at level 24.

Ha! I picked her up again, months and months later. I got her a pair of heirloom shoulders and learned to be a lot more careful with my pulls. I tried out some healing in low-level dungeons and while it made me anxious, I also kind of liked it. Marsha was still my main, but I was liking Sindei more and more. I knew Marsha would always be my main, but I was spending a lot of time on Sin, especially once I hit 80 and wanted to gear her up. Before I knew it, Sindei was definitely my new main, and Marsha only came out for farming.

Lately, as you know, I’ve been leveling an Ele/Resto shaman. I wonder sometimes if I am starting over again. I spend a lot of my spare time leveling Gin, though I never neglect Sindei’s daily frost emblem run. I’m healing lots of PuGs with my shammy and enjoying it quite a bit. It’s a different healing style, but I like it. I can’t say I like it better than priest healing, but I do like it. I don’t think I would give up my priest — but I guess I won’t know till I get there.

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