Last week, my raid team dipped its toes into ICC. Sure, we’re a little behind the curve in content, but we’re a close-knit, casual team, and we have a great time. We regularly clear ToC, and we’ve cleared most of Ulduar. We’d hoped to get Yogg-Saron down before going into ICC, but that’s taking a little longer than we expected. Yogg is a tough fight, coordination-wise. Several of our team members are relatively new to raiding, so there’s a learning curve. And the fight is complicated!

Of  course, I’m sure we’ll have him down soon, saving the minds of all Azeroth, but in the meantime, we’ve decided it’s time to head into ICC. We’ve done a bit of rep farming in there already, but after a little glitch with the Ulduar 10 raid ID we’d been saving, we took our first swing at the Icecrown bosses last week. We one-shot Marrowgar, who dropped loot for just one raid member (our pally tank/healer). How rude!  Since we didn’t expect to be in ICC that night, we hadn’t really researched the fights, so we wiped on Lady Deathwhisper’s trash before time ran out for the evening. Still, we had a good time, and I’ve no doubt it will be much smoother next go.

I’m resisting the urge to buy Sindei’s T10 gloves. She has 70 frost emblems now, but I’m holding off for a new hat. Currently, she’s wearing four Tier 9 pieces: the shoulders, the gloves, the robe, and the pants. The helm is an offset piece, the Hood of Clouded Sight. (How clouded sight makes me a better healer, I’m not sure, but that’s a question for another time.)

She has the T10 shoulders already, but then I decided not to break the Tier 9 4-piece bonus until Sin had two pieces of Tier 10. I mean, the T9 4-piece bonus isn’t all that, but a bonus is a bonus, I figure. So… if I bought the T10 gloves, she’d have a 2-piece T10 bonus right away, but no T9 bonus at all. So the plan is to go T10 shoulders and helm for the 2-piece T10 bonus, while keeping the pants and gloves for the 2-piece T9 bonus. I plan to buy an offset robe — Meteor Chaser Raiment is better overall for the Disc spec, while Ermine Coronation Robes would be more balanced for both Disc and Holy — and upgrade the T9 pants and gloves last.

Meanwhile, Ginnger continues to suffer the ill effects of my recently curtailed playtime, though I managed to sneak in enough time this morning to get her up to 54.

Soup's on, little guy!

Gin is still living in Tanaris. I wanted to do some leveling in Felwood, but there’s no place for her to live! There’s no inn in Un’Goro Crater either, but I can live in Gadgetzan and fly or run to Un’Goro easily.  Besides, I’m working on that Venomhide mount quest, so it’s convenient to have my hearthstone set there. My to-do list also includes lots of leather farming, so I can get leatherworking up to 300 by the time I hit Hellfire Peninsula. Cooking is way behind, though, and my fishing’s even worse.

I’m eager to get some real grinding time in on Gin so that I can get her moved to Outland soon, but I don’t know when that might be happening. I don’t foresee much extra playtime anytime soon, and next week will be even worse, since I’ll be focused on getting Sindei’s Noblegarden meta.