I’ve been sneaking in an extra hour here and a spare few minutes there, in Winterspring and Silithus, to get Ginnger to 58. In the race to 58, Ginger had never been to Stonard, so I hit up a mage friend for a port and ran her down to the Dark Portal. Outland at last!

I’ve always just leveled by questing solo and running occasional instances in appropriate-level groups. No dungeon run-throughs from higher level players or anything like that. But when Ginnger got to Outland, my druid friend (and raid co-healer) came out to Hellfire and leveled me up to 60 in less than an hour. It was pure awesome!

I’ve run Ramparts several times already, and I’m finding it a lot of fun. When Sindei ran these instances, I was still new to healing, and I was pretty nervous about it. When you’re responsible for keeping everyone alive, that can be a lot of pressure!

With Ginnger, I have a lot more confidence. The specific tools are different, but now I have a deeper understanding of healing. And healing at this level can be more interesting. On Sindei’s daily heroics, the groups are generally experienced and overgeared. They often take little damage, and I don’t have to do much to keep them going. But the groups Ginnger is running with really need her. There’s nothing quite like getting an inexperienced group through a tough situation, saving people who are sure they’re going to die, and at the end of it, seeing “Epic heals!” in party chat.